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Gerald Genta's integrated-bracelet watch, which Ferrier designed as his first project, would go on to become one of the most iconic watches in horology. Ferrier says, "I had the good fortune to be a part of the Nautilus project. The plans came from Genta's atelier, and Philippe Stern gave us the instructions to turn these two-dimensional sketches into reality. Funny thing is, because it was before digital three-dimensional modeling, the front and back of the watches were always perfectly drawn, but we had to interpret the side. This design was brilliant because of the contrast between its oversized, modern 39mm case and the thinness of the profile of just 7.6mm.Richard Mille Replica Watches The Nautilus has a two-part case that interlocks and overlaps. It is held together with special screws that run through the vertical axis on the case's ears. "When we finished, we thought it was the most beautiful and unique watch we had ever seen."

A partnership born in racing

Ferrier's life found its rhythm as he began to enjoy success both in racing and in watchmaking. He didn't know that his friendship with a friend would eventually lead to him winning the podium at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1979 and creating his own brand. He says, "I began racing competitively during this period. In 1975 I started competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Francois Servanin, my current business partner and principal shareholder in LAURENTFERRIER, was introduced to me by Francois Servanin. He was an interesting man. He was already a well-known race engine developer and an aspiring endurance driver. In 1978, Francois finished 11th in the overall standings and 1st in the grand touring class driving a Porsche 911. In the same year, I was 10th in overall standings and won first place in the prototype under two-liter category driving a Chevron ROC. We decided to race in a Kremer prepared Porsche 935 where we finished third overall in 1979, based on our friendship.

Ferrier's racing would eventually lead him to meet industrialist Francois Sergevanin who became the President and principal shareholder of LAURENTFERRIER watches. Here we see them in Le Mans, racing gear.

The same race, Paul Newman's co-driver finished second. Ferrier and Servanin are celebrating in the same pit lane as Newman's team. Ferrier laughs and says, "People describe us as on the same podium with Paul Newman, but Le Mans doesn't have a podium." We were aware of his existence as he was a competitor. Rolf Stommelen, his co-driver, was a very impressive man. I never won money in my racing career. It was only 1979 when I received a substantial cash replica watches I offered Francois a Patek Philippe Nautilus with a portion of the money. Inscribed on the back was 'Le Mans, 1979'. We would talk about our future plans together throughout my racing career with Francois. He proposed that we start our own watch company. "It intrigued me, but I loved my job at Patek and I would have to put it on hold for many more years until I felt ready."