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Ferrier says that he was inspired by his family's history in horology to attend watchmaking school, where he graduated at the top of the class. Ferrier was able to identify his favorite style of watchmaking at a young age. "At 16 years of age, I finished my watchmaking study and presented my Montre d'Ecole, which was an effort to create a pure and elegant expression of watchmaking. In the next 40 years, I would define and learn my vision of watchmaking. I loved the apparent simplicity of design or purity combined with ambitious technical innovation. "I love the dynamic tension of a watch which appears to be restrained, charmingly understated, and yet when you turn it around and examine the details, you realize how complex it really is.

Breitling Navitimer Replica Watches's time at Patek Philippe is essential to understanding him. Ferrier says, "I owe Patek Philippe a great deal. Since I was 37, I have only worked for one watch company and I can unambiguously say that this Maison is incredible. They always hired the top two or three graduates of the watchmaking school,Audemars Piguet Replica Watches and since I did well in the class, they hired me. My first job involved working on a project relating to a quartz-digital display chronograph that had been abandoned. It made me realize that people still have a fundamental response to the traditional way of telling time. This would reinforce my belief in mechanical watches, even as the Quartz Crisis began. I realized that electronic devices would eventually become outdated. My father could be servicing a watch which had been dormant in a drawer for years. With some oiling and maintenance, it would immediately start and keep perfect time."

Ferrier's call was too strong for him to ignore. A kind boss helped him find a compromise between his two passions. He says, "My manager was very kind to be me, so in 1971 I began working at Patek Philippe's different departments. At this time, I became more and more interested in auto racing. So I quit my job to pursue another in the automotive industry, but mainly because it would allow me more flexibility to race. You need to spend all Friday preparing your car for the race and learning the track if you're going to race on the weekend. All of Monday is for debriefing, repairs and maintenance.Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica My boss at Patek eventually asked me if i would be willing come back. I was happy, but I asked if I can use my holiday leave to take every Friday off to prepare my racing car during the season. My work week was reduced to four days as soon as the Quartz Crisis struck the industry. This was perfect for my schedule.

His racing career was a success, but his watchmaking adventure also opened up new possibilities. Ferrier says, "In 1974 I was placed in the department responsible for the development of all external parts of the watches. The meaning is that, when Philippe Stern chose a new model, another team would develop the movement, and our team would design everything external. This included the case, dial, hands, crystal, and bracelet. It was a great job, because it's easy to see how even the smallest details, like the way the hands follow the crystal curve, or the thickness of the lugs and the size of crowns and pushers made a big difference.