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The Galet Classic Tourbillon Double Spiral was chronometer-certified by the Besancon Observatory. The calibre contained an original device for the tourbillon, which had double inverted hairsprings to keep the balance centered on its axis. This system ensured the reliability of the regulating mechanism.

The Man, Breitling Colt Replica Watches: The Story

Ferrier says, "I was raised around the watchmaking industry and it seemed like destiny that I'd work in watches. It was the same for Christian, my son. My father was an expert in grand complications,Breitling Colt Replica Watches and his passion for them was infectious. He would tell stories about how timekeeping is interconnected with human history. The marine chronometer is the instrument that allows man to navigate safely on the seas." Ferrier also developed a passion for racing cars at a young age. He feels that this added to his fascination with watchmaking in an unusual way. "I began with local races, but quickly gravitated towards endurance racing. I liked the idea of trying for perfection and consistency in each lap. This is probably also what attracted me to horology, the desire to achieve perfection. I learned a lot from racing. "If you don't enter each turn with the correct speed, or angle, you can affect the outcome if your car isn't prepared properly, you aren't mentally focused, and you haven’t been mentally focused.

Ferrier's approach to watchmaking is similar to the mental discipline and rigor required to be an excellent driver. He said, "In watches, each element is critical to the final outcome." It is something I have applied to the LAURENTFERRIER watches. It is a restrained design language, and some may even call it minimalist. But if you take a closer look, each element, from the color density for the fonts to the shape of crowns and the compound curves of sapphires,panerai luminor marina replica has been carefully considered until we felt that they were perfect. Ferrier also realized that racing and watchmaking involve all of our senses, a realization that would prove invaluable in his life. He says, "When i was young, my dad would encourage me touch and feel the watch he worked on in order to start developing a sense of their tactility." The experience is similar to that of driving. You see with your eye, but control the car by feeling the feel from the steering wheel to your fingertips and the interaction between the car and your body through your seat.